And the Winner is…

Favourite mountains Italian Dolomites
Favourite waterfall Kozjak Waterfall, Slovenia
Favourite river Soca River, Slovenia
Best bakeries Portugal
Best coffee Italy
Favourite beer Rochefort 10, Belgium
Favourite wine Port from the Duoro Valley, Portugal
Favourite cheese France, especially goat cheese
Favourite snack Cold tomato and herb pizza in Tuscany, Italy
Scariest moments 4km tunnel in Italy: dimly lit, no shoulder and lots of semi-trailer trucks

Fin: capsizing a kayak in the Soca River, Slovenia

Zoa: almost getting clipped by a black SUV overtaking on a narrow road

Zoa: crashing and destroying her bike while going 40km/hr downhill in Germany

Jack: Being left behind at the top of a mountain and Fin and Zoa not realizing until 3km down the hill

Paco: Being chased by a bull in France

Steepest pass 18% grade, Wurzen Pass between Austria and Slovenia
Highest pass 2236 metres, Passo Giau in the Italian Dolomites
Lowest point -212 metres, Nordkapp tunnel, Norway
Wettest region Southern Norway
Most Kms in a Day 110km in Denmark
Top Speed 63km/hr in Portugal
Coldest night Minus 4 degrees near Sierra Nevada, Spain
Most roadkill Spain, 18 in one day
Best meal A pub in Bubion, Alpujarras, Spain
Best campground Lazar Campground outside of Kobarid, Slovenia
Favourite long distance cycle paths Mosel River, Germany and the Drau River, Austria
Best coastal cycling Norway in the Arctic Circle
Easiest cycling Hungary and Flemish Belgium
Favourite book Steal You Away, Niccolo Ammaniti
Sexiest car Fiat 500 station wagon, Italy
Strangest Gift A Moose Leg for our dogs in Sweden
Most accomodating France, 4 invitations into homes
Most garbage Spain
Most tiring region Tuscany, Italy
Most tunnels Italy and Norway
Most wine carried 7.5 litres in the South of France (5 litres was a gift)
Most sung song Gillian by the Waifs
Most days without showering 12
Craziest camping spot Underneath a parked semi-trailer in the Italian rain

3 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

  1. Small world! We came across you not long ago in Norway going over to the mountains to Lysefjord. We were the 2 cycletourist guys waiting for you with cameras at both sides. I got pretty sick and had to take 2 days off in a hytte, but then we saw your bikes at the top again. (We didnt get in there, just couldnt afford anything in expensive Norway.) Hope the big-big storm didn’t find you in the saddle! I had a great time reading your stories, and I am very sorry we couldn’t have a talk. Any time you may come to Hungary again, send me a mail. Cheers and have a great time,
    Adam and Balázs, Budapest

    • Hi guys! Nice surprise to hear from you. Sorry we didn’t stop for a chat as well. Should have also had lunch with the sheep, but our dogs were going a bit crazy at the sheep, barking over the whole mountain pass. We didn’t get sick like you but we had a trailer breakdown and had to fix it up with some tent poles, duct tape and zip ties. Norwegian food and alcohol is too expensive, but we needed a hot drink after that day. Are you still cycling? Feeling better now? We enjoyed checking out your photography. Great stuff! Any tips for cycling Sweden? Thanks, Fin and Zoa

  2. Our trip was only 12 days long, after Norway I had a week of sea kayaking in Croatia, 35C sunshine all the time, the opposite extremity 🙂
    In Sweden I only toured the southern part. That is flat, nice weather, plenty of great wildcamping spots, friendly people. I was planning to make a tour in the north with all the high mountains, that place seems very deserted. There are a lot of bears, take care!
    I’ll follow your trip, keep being strong and brave!
    My pics from Norway:

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