Warmshowers Photo Contest: Bronze Medal


We are thrilled to have 3 of our photos in the top 10 of the recent Warmshowers Photo Contest. Click here to check out the highest ranked photos, a great collection of photos that capture the spirit of cycle touring.

For those of you who are wondering what on earth ‘Warmshowers’ is, it is not as erotic as it sounds. Warmshowers is an online hospitality organisation, similar to Couchsurfing or Hospitality Club, but instead aimed primarily at touring cyclists. While on tour members can scan lists of hosts in the countries they are cycling through and read a description of a host, comments about previous hostings, and contact information. To repay the favour, whenever you are not touring you can become a host and share the warm showers around. Simple really – definitely worth checking out.

Our experience, like with all online hospitality organisations, has been overwhelmingly positive. In Bergen, Norway we enjoyed a delicious meal, a warm shower, a warm bed, and great company from articulate, generous bicycle loving couple who gave us some insight into the history of their country. The only thing that stopped us from using it more often was our technological inadequacies. Without a mobile phone and with unpredictable internet access it can be difficult to organise a visit.

We look forward to becoming hosts when we settle in one place for more than a few weeks to repay the amazing hospitality we have received while on the road.

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