Heading to Canada, ehy?

Yep, it is finally time to leave Europe and cross the Atlantic for Canada. So long and thanks for all the baguettes…

You will find our new home beyond Heart’s Desire, beyond Crooked Lake, beyond Malignant Cove and beyond Upper Dyke Village. Once you get to Bear River take the quiet road to Grosses Coques and look for our place at the far edge of town where the grickle grass grows. Note: if you end up at Burnt Head you have probably taken a wrong turn at Sissiboo.

As you can probably tell I have spent unhealthy amounts of time on Google Maps, exploring the surrounding regions of our new destination, an area rich in lobster and wacky town names. Where in the world are we talking about? The west coast of Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. Fear not, if I have lost you already, a Google Map is provided below 😉

Grosses Coques, literally translating from French to ‘big shell’ (thank you Google Translate), overlooks the Bay of Fundy, a stretch of water known for whales and having the most extreme tides in the world. Because of the unique shape of the bay a funnel effect is created, meaning the difference in water level between high and low tide can be as much as 14 metres. The tides are so extreme in some upper bay rivers the river flow is completely reversed by the rising tide (thank you Wikipedia).

Our winter home will be provided by our friends Colleen and Andre in exchange for some renovations. In between renovations we hope to save some money for more cycling adventures, with a 6,000 km loop around the east of Canada one possibility. You can see the basic route idea below, starting in Nova Scotia and heading anti-clockwise through Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Click on the lines on the map to see the information we have researched, and let us know if you have any comments on the area or route ideas.

P.S. In between now and the Canada ride we will continue to post stories from our European journey, and our top 5 rides in Europe, plus stories on settling into the east coast of Canada. Check back now and again for fresh content or subscribe to the blog for email notification of a new post.

13 thoughts on “Heading to Canada, ehy?

  1. So are you inspired to cycle to work during winter? 😉 The snow doesn’t scare all the Berliners off their bike saddles… even the posties push their overloaded bikes through the snow. Although I guess that Toronto wind must be a killer.

    Yes, we will have to get to Toronto at some point, might check out the trains. Just getting to Canada with the dogs and bikes and gear is going to be the first challenge though… not looking forward to it.

  2. Leaving Europe… I dont believe it!! Never say never, I can imagine you both getting back there to visit unridden roads in the future. Exciting times moving over to Canada. I hope the dogs, bikes and yourselves travel safely. You will be a jack of all trades. After all the renovations and helping out Colleen and Andre, Stew will have to put you on the tools back here on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. You will create the best organic garden in the area. Here’s to you both, The Cyclingypsies, for a happy and fun filled 2010. If you can achieve all your dreams/ambitions for the year, then it will be one of the best I’m sure. Take care and do keep updating your blog – we look forward to the next update. Rich & Mairead

    • Thanks Rich and Mairead. Hope to see you down on the Great Ocean Road in the not too too distant future. Make sure you send me the wedding invitation and let me know if you are planning on visiting Canada anytime soon…

  3. Sounds like a blast. Bring bug nets for the Labrador Coastal Highway – especially in July and August! Avoid the Pinware Provincial Park, it has more flies than anywhere else in Labrador!

    • Thanks for the tips Becky. We never got to use our bug nets in Europe, so we are looking forward to testing them out against Canada’s most irritating bugs…

  4. Have followed your journeys for a short time via Freidl and Andrew’s website, having first met you there. The idea of traveling wtih much-loved dogs is amazing. And then to see that you are wintering near my village of Bear River, one of the more up-and-down places in the province. Have a great winter and will watch the website, maybe even see you on the road some time.

    • Hi Shirley. Wow, you are from Bear River? Before we even came to Canada we were looking at a blog by an artist called Flora on her life in Bear River. Needless to say we are excited about checking out your town sometime soon. We have only heard good things about the place. If you see two out of towners on bikes say hello 🙂

  5. Hey hey hey, you finally did it, traded lots of snow for lots of snow, a win-win situation??????
    Here in Frankfurt, Germany, to much good diving, all organic, I’m still getting ready for my southern france, spain, portugal, france, wales trip……
    good luck on your forthcoming journeys and stay in touch and look me up in BC…….if we all ever make it back there….

    • Hey BBB. How’s the diving going down south? The snow has finally melted over here so the bikes are getting lots of action. Drop by if you end up on the East Coast. There is enough birch so you can build a boat and paddle back to Lasqueti. Have fun adventures on your new Rohloff…

  6. Ahhh…. you are not traveling at the moment. You are busy helping Colleen and Andre in exchange for a roof over your heads. You certainly sound interesting and I’d love to meet you if only for a coffee at Old World here in Yarmouth. But you’re welcome for a meal as well, or lodging if you decide to make your first leg from Grosse Coques a short one.

    You must be anxious to hit the road. I had my first ride two weeks ago and it was glorious. Can’t wait to get back on the seat again. There are MANY fantastic routes in the area, including the Chebogue loop, one of my faves.

    Enjoy spring unfolding….

    your couchsurfing colleague

    • Hi Carla,
      Thanks for the message. We are looking forward to some short bicycle trips around NS in the coming months – maybe to Brier Island, Bear River, Quinan, and now that you mention it, the Chebouge loop? I’m not sure where the Chebouge loop is, but I will look it up on a map. Thanks for the invite. It would be nice to meet up sometime, and maybe even go cycling together somewhere? By the way you are welcome to stay over here if you are up this way. We are amidst renovations but could sort out a room without much hassle.
      It’s a great time of year, watching everything slowly coming to life 🙂

  7. Hey you, heading home, check for more messages as we are moving to the coast this year. What an AB FAB time you’ve had far more adventures than I could have imagined when we first met too many years ago.
    Thinking of you all.
    Hugs Christine X X X

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