The Dog Detectives: Coming Soon


Our 2010 started off with fireworks in Berlin and the exciting news that our children’s picture book, The Dog Detectives, is going to be published!

Most surprising of all, was that we didn’t have to endure a long series of rejections from a long list of publishers. In fact we didn’t even have to send out a single manuscript! Nope, thanks to our blog and an Abby News article, a fellow cyclist found out about our children’s book series and contacted his friend, who runs Maverick, an emerging children’s book publisher in the UK. (Thank you mystery helper out there!!!! We owe you one…)

So what’s the story? The Dog Detectives series is based on our two dogs Jack and Paco (aka Poco Loco), who cycle around the world solving mysteries along the way. The books hope to entertain and teach children about the wildlife and cultures from different parts of the globe and promote cycling as a fun and adventurous way to travel.

The first book in the series is set in the sun burnt scrub of the Australian outback and is brought to life by the vibrant illustrations of the talented Polish artist, Monika Suska. During their ride the Dog Detectives come across a group of dirty didgeridoo stealing dingoes, a chirpy Kookaburra and a lovable wombat,  “too slow to be a dingo, too fat to be a bat”. The book features high levels of wordsmith-ery, with enough rhyme and alliteration to make Dr Seuss choke on his green eggs and ham.

The book will make an appearance at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna and the London Book Fair in April. The provisional date for the book launch is Friday August 6th in London, venue & format to be decided. Exciting times…

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