Adventure Gardening: Riding the Wheelbarrow


Welcome to our backyard


A backyard full of the weed of the sea...


and sticks...


and more glorious seaweed... gardener's delight...


And doggy fashion...


But how to get it home through the moguls of the forest trail and the treacherous bog of the boggy big swamp?


Bring in the wheelbarrow, Mr Surly Big Dummy....


Let's roll...


Watch out for the deer scat...


Whoa horsey... navigating the swamp...


Thank you wheel barrow, another job well done


More snow... time for a nap...

4 thoughts on “Adventure Gardening: Riding the Wheelbarrow

  1. Yeah seaweed! Have been following your travels for a while now and to have you in NS for the winter seems rather odd to me – I do live not too far from your winter headquarters and as many other locals are thankful for the bounty of the seaweed for gardening. Good to see your bike is not having a completely “unuseful” season.

    • Hi Shirley,
      Yes, we do tend to make rather odd choices, but that keeps life interesting. We don’t own a car so the bikes have been getting a good winter workout, even though the wind is usually whipping pretty hard as you already know. We always look forward to getting outside and riding to the beach with the dogs. It’s a much nicer ride than the Highway 1, which is in serious need of a nice wide shoulder for cyclists.

  2. Hey you two !
    Christopher and I were just going through some of your articles and came across this blog …. the pics are great and we miss you around here! Christopher lit right up when he saw the pics of you and the dogs. Hope all is well …. drop us an email sometime to let us know how you’re making out 🙂
    Ang. x

  3. Hi Guys … all four of you … it’s great looking over all your travels and was very happy to meet you both and having you as neighbours for a time… I never did thank you for the lawn mowing … greatly appreciated and if you are ever in for a trip to Nova Scotia and need a place to stay give us a call, you have our number on my card.
    Happy and Safe Travels to all 4 of you … Jeannie xo

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