The Big Book Bash

On September 30th The Dog Detectives series was launched in style with a Big Book Bash in London (UK). Hooray!

The Lemonade Factory was packed with school kids and adults running rampant, all eager to check out the new range of picture books from the fine folks at Maverick.

It was loads of fun. There was storytelling galore, cupcakes being made, colouring in corners, costumes and a hat making workshop. Zoa (above), flew to London to join in on

the festivities. She had a great time reading to the school kids and showing off the new interactive Dog Detectives iPad App. (Just between you and me, she kinda fell in love with Big Fred, the dapper gentleman from Get Ahead Fred, and his impressive hat collection. Check out his shiny whopper on the left!)

While Zoa was in the UK she also visited schools with Kimara Nye, the author of The Four Little Pigs (a charming re-take on the classic fairy tale). All in all it was a wonderful experience to see the The Dog Detectives launched into the world and to see the harshest critics of all – the children – giggling and engaging with the story.


Zoa & Kimara Nye, the author of The Four Little Pigs, at St Mary's in London

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