Winter Warm Up – The Southern Tier Route

Ok, so our plan for winter/spring 2011 is to cycle coast to coast across America, from Florida to California. We will be roughly guided by the Adventure Cyclist Association’s Southern Tier Route, although we have earmarked some detours already to New Orleans, Austin and the Big Bend National Park in Texas. The trip should take us around 4 months. The winter/spring window should give us some mild temperatures to pedal our hearts out. Here is the route…

In the interests of keeping it simple and updating our blog more regularly we will post a series of images and short and sharp impressions from the road. Sign up to our blog if you want them delivered to your inbox. First up is a shot from our starting point, St Augustine, Florida -America’s oldest city, and a beautiful one at that.

7 thoughts on “Winter Warm Up – The Southern Tier Route

    • Yes, indeed we have started pedaling west. We are just passing Fanning Springs on our way to Tallahassee.
      The people have been so very friendly. This morning a guy waved us down with a box of dog treats.

    • Thanks Ang. We miss you guys too – and your specialty nachos 😉 Keep singing and having fun. Pass on our best wishes to Glyn, Kayla & Christopher. We look forward to reading some stories and checking out some photos from you guys too. (Yes, I know we should really just join the 21st century and join Facebook)

  1. I just discovered your site and am really digging it! Getting some great ideas for taking our Corgi mix on some upcoming bike adventures in Montana this summer. I rode the Southern Tier (with plenty of detours) a few years ago. Have fun in Big Bend. In New Mexico, take a stop at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston or the Wilderness Lodge in Gila Hot Springs, two of my favorite indoor stops along the trip (and both are dog friendly, I recall).

    • Thanks for the tips in New Mexico. We are dreaming about cycling up to Montana if money/timetable permits it. Have fun on the road with your Corgi mix…

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