Let the Wild Rumpus Begin…

Spending time with our friend Sheryl’s five boisterous children on the border of New Brunswick/Maine was a constant party, although sometimes more tiring than a long day in the saddle.

The youngest boy, Trustim is blessed with a wild imagination that made us remember just how much fun it was to be a kid. After getting bored with cutting paper snowflakes for the Christmas tree Trustim decided it was time to play hairdresser. He was going for the asymmetrical look and lopped the right side of both his younger sister’s golden locks. I thought it looked avant-garde and showed some emerging talent. Mama bear was not impressed.

On another occasion Paco disappeared while we were bringing the Christmas tree in through the front door. Zoa went into a fluster, searching the house, before running out into the streets, calling his name across the dark neighbourhood. No Paco. By the time we returned home Paco had magically re-appeared. Three year old Chaylie, who was truly in love with our dogs, had hidden Paco in her bedroom closet keeping him all to herself! Jack was too big to be hidden, so he was turned into a princess instead…

Now, check out the gingerbread houses of the fantastic five, and our attempt at a gingerbread castle…

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