Help! 911

Jerry Seinfeld said that if aliens were looking down on us they would think that it’s the dogs, not the humans, who are in charge. They get to laze around, are showered with affection, get taken for walks, and then we have to pick up their poop in little plastic bags. Unfortunately not all dogs are so lucky.

While cycling along the Mississippi River in New Orleans we came across a stray dog lying scared and abandoned on the side of the road. She was a bag of bones and had a badly damaged leg. It looked like she had been roughing it for a long time and was covered in ants. We called the poor dog Charlie.

Charlie was a very sweet and friendly dog, but she wasn’t so interested in riding to the next town in Paco’s basket. She was alot more enthusiastic about some water and a bowl of dog food.

We stopped cars and asked for someone to help, but nobody wanted to help poor Charlie. We called animal shelters for miles around, but they said we were in the wrong county, and to try calling 911. We were a bit unsure about dialing 911 as it wasn’t a life or death emergency but we were getting impatient from being hand balled from department to department.

Within 15 minutes a police officer pulled up on the side of the dusty, desolate road. The officer was personable and businesslike, but was no dog lover. He held Charile’s leash at arm’s length, like he had just been handed a pair of dirty underwear. When the second police car rolled up he was only too happy to hand the scruffy dog over.

Bon voyage, Charlie!

6 thoughts on “Help! 911

  1. Poor Charlie. I hope she got into the right hands to get the help she needs. I am a sucker for dogs in need and would have been devestated if I couldn’t help a lost, starving, and in pain dog. I’ve got 4 dogs and the last two were found starving and sick. I fell in love with them before I was able to find them homes.

  2. Oooohhhhh…. I so hope them cops did the right thing and deliver Charlie to an animal shelter…. I am afraid that I have become a cynical person and see trouble and misdeeds everywhere these days. People like you restore my faith in us people. So thanks!!!!

  3. I’m tearing up as I read this. So glad you were able to save Charlie from the wanderin’ life. Dealing with stray animals is one of the saddest parts of bicycle touring in the developing world. Luckily, in the US there are shelters. Elsewhere it’s just tough luck for abandoned animals.

  4. oooh Dawn you are all heart other would have passed by. Thinking of you the sun is shining here at the beach. Enjoy the Adventure !!!!

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