Paco’s New DoggyRide

During our USA trip we noticed that, when given the chance, Paco was beginning to jump into Jack’s trailer more and more frequently as if to say, “gimme more room”. His perch atop the Big Dummy didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore. And so we decided that for our UK book/bike tour it was time for Paco to upgrade from economy to first class. Check out Paco’s new trailer…

The trailer was kindly donated to us for the tour by DoggyRide and shipped to our book publisher’s headquarters in the UK.

And so, here are our first impressions on the DoggyRide Novel design…

  • It looks stylish compared to many trailers on the market.
  • It was designed with dogs in mind 100%. Chin padding, zip open front compartments and rain flap for getting the right mix of waterproof and breathability. Harness points to prevent dog(s) from escaping. Good rear access.
  • The 20″ wheels are VERY easy to clip on and off for navigating tight spaces and fixing a flat. The only compromise is that if something goes wrong they require a specialised hub with an axle that clips into the trailer frame.
  • The pin hitch to the rear dropout is easy to connect and comes with a backup safety leash to wrap around the chain-stay. We’ve had no problems on corners or sharp turn arounds.
  • The mesh pocket on the rear of the trailer is useful for storing odds and ends like a fold-able dog bowl, leash, and dog bags.
  • The trailer can be disconnected and sat up on its rear with the tow bar in the air. Very handy in tight situations like a train carriage.

Paco took to the trailer immediately. Phew! We cruised around Portsmouth and visited a local dog park without a single complaint (although Paco is usually on his best behavior in cities).

As we headed into the English countryside though it soon became clear that bunnies and creatures lurking in the hedgerows were going to send Paco into daily hysterics. To calm his barking we have found that the best solution is to let him run beside the trailer. He is always very happy to be part of a hunting expedition and on the chase. Plus it is great exercise for him (being careful of course not to wear out his pads).

A leash setup is available from DoggyRide to allow dogs to run beside the trailer. In the interim we rigged up our own solution using a standard leash – allowing enough room to move without the leash being able to hit the trailer wheels. This saved alot of hard work up the steep grades we faced on the quiet lanes en route to Salisbury.

Conversely, some of the downhills we have faced in England are the steepest we have come across anywhere in the world. The DoggyRide felt stable and in control despite only having a pair of old cantilever brakes at my disposal.

Early Conclusions

So far, so good. The DoggyRide has impressed us with it’s smart design and dog friendliness. It wouldn’t be big enough for our heff-a-lump Jack, but for slightly smaller dogs like Paco it appears to be an excellent choice. We will keep you posted on it how it holds up on tour.

For all the DoggyRide Novel specs and stats click here…

2 thoughts on “Paco’s New DoggyRide

  1. Hooray for Paco’s new DogyRide! He looks very smart. So pleased to see you’re enjoying Daniel’s home country on your book tour. Hope it’s a big success! Daniel and Jeanie

    • England has been fantastic for cycling so far. Lots of charm. Lots of quiet country roads. The odd dedicated rail trail. Very different to cycling in America in alot of ways.
      Not long until Tassie now…

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