Grickle Grass Homes in Norway

One of the joys of pedaling through different countries is seeing the way other people live. I fell in love with these green roofed homes in Norway:

Not only are green roofs beautiful, they have many Eco-friendly advantages:

  • Dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Extend a roof’s lifespan
  • Filter heavy metals out of rainwater
  • Filter pollution and carbon dioxide from the air
  • Reduce storm-water run-off
  • Provide habitat for insects (we need more bees) and other wildlife
  • Help to stabilize a house
  • Blend into woodland/rural surroundings
  • Lower urban air temperatures

The cons are that green roofs cost more to construct than non-green roofs.The biggest cost being the waterproofing membrane(s).

Cities around the world are jumping on the green roof bandwagon:

York University, Toronto

  • Toronto is the first City in North America to have a bylaw to require green roofs on new development.Toronto also offers green roof incentives.
  • Copenhagen requires new flat-roofed buildings to have green roofs.
  • London’s Mayor Boris Johnson (whose hairdo rivals Donald Trump’s) proposes that all major new developments within London are required to have a green roof.
  • The city of Basel in Switzerland has the highest area of green roofs per capita in the world.
  • Many German cities provide subsidies to developers who use green roofs.
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver offers courses in green roof technology.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see more green roofs in our communities?

2 thoughts on “Grickle Grass Homes in Norway

  1. Judging by Boris and Donalds `thatch`, it is in grave danger of blowings away.

    Green roofs in Scandanavia is very popular. My first house in Denmark had a thatched roof and every Spring and Summer the thatchers are out and about in my area. I never get tired of watching them apply their art.


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