Paco Joins Weight Watchers

Are Paco and Splinter Twins?

Paco has always been a skinny dog. He has a build similar to that of a whippet. His long skinny legs and tall pointy ears seem at odds with the rest of his body. The first time my grandmother met Paco, she said, “My, oh my, he sure is a homely dog.” Others have compared him to Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Myself, I like to think of him as ‘unique’ looking.

Since returning to Canada after our UK book tour, Paco has become ‘one’ with my mother’s over-sized sofa. He even has to be coerced into coming for a walk.

Paco’s appetite has also increased since our return. He has become obsessed with food. If I don’t feed him on time he starts following me around like a shadow. If I am working on the computer he stands in front of me and stares me down, as if  to say, “Haven’t you forgotten something?” And, if I don’t feed him enough he bullies Jack and Thor, who are 3 times his size, and steals their food. An obvious case of Napoleon Syndrome.

In the beginning I was sympathetic to his growing appetite. But he became increasingly demanding and resorted to barking incessantly at the dog food container every time he wanted food.

Paco's  co-pilot replacementSoon people were commenting on how he had lost his whippet figure. So I put him on the scale and was shocked to see that he had gained 8 pounds. “You are going to be too heavy to pull,” I told him. When I showed him a picture of his potential co-pilot replacement, he casually nosed the scale towards me and looked up. Nervously, I stepped on the scale. Touche! Too much food and not enough exercise over the holidays had caught up with me.

Perhaps I should ask Jennifer Hudson if Weight Watchers gives couple discounts.

7 thoughts on “Paco Joins Weight Watchers

    • Thanks for the reply. We really enjoyed our time in England. There may not be mountains like in Canada but some of the hills were soooo steep. The back roads were lovely though and the country pubs were a treat for all of us.
      We hope to cycle the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec this summer.
      We have our 4th book coming out in the Fall so do email us your address so we can send Aidan a signed copy. Big smiles from the gypsy crew!

    • Greetings Jean,

      We spent some time in Nova Scotia near Digby during 2010. We left Nova Scotia in November 2010 to head across America from Florida to Vancouver, where I am from. Since coming back from the UK at the end of 2011, we have been visiting family in the Vancouver area. So we haven’t really had a home base but will be settling down for a bit this year to save up some funds for the next trip. It is funny because when we were cycling through France people told us Paco was sick because he was so thin. Paco never ate much and was always on the thin side until we stopped to visit my mom. Grandma has fattened him up. So yes I hope with Spring on our heels, Paco will shed the extra winter weight. Nice to hear from you!

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