The Dog Detectives Series

Hi folks, welcome to a series of children’s picture books that we penned during our bike travels. These bright, engaging stories are an introduction to the wildlife, landscapes and cultures of different countries from around the globe. The books are cleverly crafted with an upbeat mixture of rhyme, alliteration and dialogue and are brought to life by the delightful illustrations of Monika Suska. Great for kids of all ages (although most suitable for children aged 3-7). We hope you enjoy!

The Dog Detective’s Gift Set – Noses for Trouble contains all three books in the series (An Outback Odyssey, The Great Grizzly North and Lost in London). An Outback Odyssey is also available in an iPad Ap on iTunes.

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The Great Grizzly North

When the Dog Detectives pedal into the wild woods of Canada they find a bully in ‘town’… a big, mean grizzly one. The grizzliest grizzly bear of all has stolen everyone’s bikes and turned the forest into a place of fear.

Jump on your mountain bike and help Detective Jack and Deputy Poco find the missing bikes in time for the Great Rocky Cycling Race. Along the way meet curious martens, feisty beavers and other furry Canadians.

The Great Grizzly North is inspired by the wild wooded valleys of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, an area with such rich biodiversity that it has been labelled the ‘Serengeti of the North’. The stunning scenery and wild animals of Canada are beautifully illustrated by Monika Suska.

This charming tale is an ode to friendship and to treating everyone with respect… even bullies!

Click on the pictures below to take a sneak peek at the book…

.Lost in London

Great Britain is doomed! An ancient legend has been broken. The guardians of the Tower of London – six black ravens – have disappeared. Pedal full tilt with the Dog Detectives between London’s amazing landmarks and help answer the riddle of the missing ravens.

Lost in London is a charming tale of riddling rats and meddlesome bats that is sure to get kids thinking.

Click on the pictures below to take a look inside…

.An Outback Odyssey

Detective Jack and Deputy Poco are cycling through the hot, dry Australian Outback when they crash into a new case. A group of tired dingoes have stolen a sacred musical instrument to help themselves sleep. It is up to the Dog Detectives to sniff out the dingoes’ trail and uncover the mystery of the missing didgeridoo.

An Outback Odyssey is the first book of the Dog Detectives series and is filled with the colourful characters of the outback, including a speedy emu, a chirpy kookaburra and a lovable wombat, “too slow to be a dingo, too fat to be a bat”. This story is a celebration of the power of teamwork and the rich culture of the Australian Outback.

Click on the pictures below to have a look at the story:


An Outback Odyssey – iPad App

The Dog Detectives: An Outback Odyssey is now also available on the iPad! It was loads of fun narrating this book and collaborating with the production team at iStory Apps.

This iPad App turns An Outback Odyssey into an even richer experience with layers of sounds and animations. The dingoes are loving it!

Different ways to read this e-book:

  • Read the story aloud with your child, enjoying the story at your own pace.
  • Listen to the lively narration of the book while turning the pages manually.
  • Select auto play for a movie like experience. Pages are turned and read automatically. Perfect for pre-readers.
  • Personalise the story by recording your own voice or the voice of your child.

Available worldwide on iTunes…


Many thanks to Maverick our publisher…

15 thoughts on “The Dog Detectives Series

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  3. Hi Fin and Zoa. I am big fan of your journeys.At the moment we i and my dog Hofi are in France down to Lyon,traveling by bike from Lisbon to Prag. After 3 years living in Portugal traveling back home,if some home does exist:) .I am Czech guy and dog is Portugues street dog:) There is blog of my dog and his Soffeur: …. yes is in Czech but in future will be upgraded to english. Have nice day on the road bye Lukas and Hofi

    • Thanks Lukas. Have a great ride. Sounds like a beautiful route you are taking. Look forward to checking your blog out. Give Hofi a scratch above the tail for us…

    • Thanks Tom. Great job on editing the story together. Yes, we’d love to show it within the website. I couldn’t see how to embed it, so any tips would be great. So far we have been lucky and avoided most of the rain… it can’t last forever 😉

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  5. I just discovered your blog and these wonderful children’s books with dogs riding bicycles. I have to add your blog to my blogroll. Annie Londonderry would definitely have read your books to her kids!

  6. Such a lovely lovely book, but with a major factual error which I feel I must alert you to. On the first of the London Facts page, you have included an illustration of London’s most famous bridge, which is labelled underneath as London Bridge. This is incorrect as it is actually Tower Bridge you have pictured!

    • Hello Ashely,

      Thank you for your comments Ashley. Indeed you are correct, it was an error that did not get corrected before printing. It will be corrected in the print run. I am glad you enjoyed the books. We just love Monika’s whimsical illustrations of London.

  7. Just discovered you guys … WOW! We also travel with our dog Montecristo. I am now seeing how having a 3.5 pound dog can make things considerably easier. Kudos for doing this with bog dogs. Inspirational. We leave May 1, 2015 for a sailing trip around the med. First leg is mostly Europe. We will return home to Canada for 18 months and return for a second 6 month stretch this time … North Africa and the Middle East. I am already now starting the paper work! Here is hoping it CAN be done! If not – we will sail elsewhere. If Monte can’t come … we will not go.

    • Montecristo is one cute dog. Are you in Toronto?

      Yes, a 3.5 pound dog is much more practical for traveling. My travels have been limited to where I can take the dogs. I have no regrets though as Jack and Paco make the journey so much richer.

      Are you sailing your own yacht?

      • We are in Ottawa! Well Gatineau to be honest but it is 2 min across the bridge. 🙂
        We will be sailing our own Sailboat yes. We are looking at about 40 feet. Still manageable by a single person should the need arise. You don’t want to get to a size where if one person is ill you are stuck.

        We have a small 26 footer here and sail on the river. 30 feet would be as big as you could go on the river. It’s too narrow for more.

        We have had to change plans more than once because Montecristo could not go. We would love to go to Australia (we scuba dive) but they still have quarantine. Same thing for many South East Asian countries. But it is a BIG planet and there are lots of choices left. We adore him …. travel with Monte is ALWAYS more fun.

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