Winter’s Icy Grip Doesn’t Stop Jack and Paco

Icy temperatures and heavy snowfall in the Lower Mainland caused major road closures, multiple vehicle accidents and transit delays. It didn’t however stop Jack, Paco and Thor from getting outside and having some fun.

We are all glad not to be sleeping in our tent. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

6 thoughts on “Winter’s Icy Grip Doesn’t Stop Jack and Paco

  1. Look at Paco!!! He seems to be racing! Wonderful pictures, truly nice. Long time no see, we have to get together! Many hugs, Maria

  2. Is Thor a new addition to the family?? We think you you often … Hope all is well there 🙂 Mom is in Belgium right now visiting Colleen, Andre and Callum. Hope you had a Happy New Year !
    Angela, Glyn, Christopher & Kayla. xo

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